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Symbols of Emotions - Calmness Gentleness Kidneys

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According to Taoist tradition, positive and negative emotions are stored in the corresponding main organs. The heart radiates love and joy or hatred and arrogance. Kidneys reflect calmness and gentleness but when the kidneys are weakened then fear and depression deposit in them. Courage and righteousness belong to the lungs, which are weakened by sadness and grief. Kindness and generosity belong to the liver whose negative emotions are anger and frustration. Positive emotions of the spleen are fairness and openness, while the negative ones are anxiety and worry. When we experience energy from certain negative emotions for a longer period of time, it leads to a change of vibration characteristics of the individual organs and the entire organism. On the physical level it can manifest itself by a weakening or illness of not only the organ but also of the body system linked to it. During conscious work with organs a change in the energy characteristics of a respective organ as well as of the entire organism takes place. Positive emotions deposited in our main organs serve as an essence that nourishes our souls. Relaxation, detoxification and strengthening of organs lead to changes on all human levels. The practical part of emotions is made up of two levels. On the first level we learn to perceive emotional energies of organs and harmonize them. The practical part is performed with the help of symbols. A specific symbol serves as an accelerator for installing a respective positive emotional state.

This paintings are by author Tatiana Filippova, from book Five Treasures.

Image format: А3 size without Frame.


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