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HomeArt PostersSymbols of Five Yang Organs - Gallbladder  

Symbols of Five Yang Organs - Gallbladder

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Yang organs in an organism are the hollow organs: bladder, gallbladder, stomach, small and large intestines. These organs are constantly being filled, then emptied and they do not accumulate anything. They are called storages that get filled but cannot stay full. They are executing organs that fulfill the function of transformation and handing over of biochemical matter and nourishment. An unusual and inspirational interpretation of the Yang organs with the help of the symbols may catch your attention and evoke respect in you for organs that you are ordinarily not aware of. The Yin and Yang organs mutually complement one another - every Yin organ has an associatte Yang organ. Throughout the practice, which in detail describes in the book "Five Treasures" you have the possibility to gain personal experience with perceiving the Yin and Yang organs. Through your awareness of the organs and observation of your feelings, you will discover why it is these organs that are interconnected, since no logical explanation can compensate this intuitive experience. We can receive information about us from external sources but we also have an information source inside of us at our disposal. We can connect to it through our intuition, deep wisdom and feelings on various levels of our being.

This paintings are by author Tatiana Filippova, from book Five Treasures.

Image format: А3 size without Frame.


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