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Tao Yin

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Discover and use your Second Brain. Tune up and tune in to your bioelectromagnetic life force dynamo. Use the gentle power of your inner smile. Experience delightful yang 'cell massage' or the refined yin state of inner 'embryonic breathing.' Enjoy clear-minded vitality, peaceful inner calm and strong health. Do Tao Yin. Master Chia presents a fresh perspective o­n mind and body fitness – a perspective that is helpful to both beginners and experts alike. Ed Burke, Four-Time Olympic Champion. I have no hesitation in recommending Master Mantak Chia's “Tao Yin” book. It teaches a gentle, yet powerful system for both maintaining health as well as for assisting patients in recovering from illness. Dr. Andrew Jan, M.D. (Australia) Master Mantak Chia brings wisdom and experience to this remarkable book. These techniques will help you ease stress and live well. Rob Schnieder, Actor If you like yoga, you will love Tao Yin. Truly the art of inner power and strength. Well balanced and informative … a gateway to deep relaxation and the cultivation of mindfulness in movement. Claire Diab, Professor Seton Hall For the first time an author succeeds in drawing to the center of attention the real soul of the musculoskeletal system: the tendons, psoas and the way of breathing. With Tao Yin, the famous Taoist teacher, Master Mantak Chia, has developed highly effective and conservative methods for anyone interested in practicing true health prevention – as well as for therapists treating musculoskeletal diseases. Highly recommended! Hans Leonhardy, M.D. Traditional Chinese Medicine (SMS) (Germany)


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