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HomeDVDs (PAL): Asia, Australia, Africa, Europe, S. AmericaChi Kung Exercises for Tendons (2cds)  

Chi Kung Exercises for Tendons (2cds)

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Price: THB1,295.00

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Chi Kung Exercises for Tendon(2cds)

1st DVD:

1st section:

Introduction into the Universal Healing Tao system.

The aim of the Universal Healing Tao system is to restore the individual to a construction of harmony with the flow of the forces of nature.

2nd section:

Information about Tao Garden which includes organic nutrition, Chi Kung and Tai Chi Chi Kung classes. Information about the Pakua integrated medical spa with treatments and massage techniques as well as holistic diagnostic technologies developed all over the world.


Simple set of Morning Exercises:

1) Rotate the hip joint

2) Spiral the sacrum

3) Spiral the knees

4) Spiral the angle

5) Circulate shoulder

6) Turn head

7) Opening the door of life

8) Opening the lumbar and hip

9) Kidney breathing


Chi Kung Exercises:

Tendon twist - in the curve find the strait

Hitting the tendons


2nd DVD:

Morning Exercises - warm up exercises:

1) Rotate the hip joint

2) Spiral the sacrum

3) Spiral the knees

4) Circulate shoulder

5) Turn head

6) Opening door of life

7) Opening the lumbar and hip

8) Kidney breathing


Developing Tendon Power:

1) Hitting the tendons

2) Rolling the abdomen


Tendon Nei Kung exercises for the sexual organs:

1) Egg exercise for women

2) Testicle exercise for men


Activating the 3 fires to the 6 directions:


Running Time 2 hours 13 minutes

1. Universal Healing Tao System (02:30)

2. Tao Garden Introduction (08:30)

3. Tan Tien Chi Kung Step 1 (42:11)

4. Tan Tien Chi Kung Step 2 (14:38)

5. Tendon Nei Kung (54:10)

6. Tao Yin Exercise (12:00)

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