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HomeDVDs (PAL): Asia, Australia, Africa, Europe, S. AmericaTao Yin: regaining a Youthful Body (2Cds)  

Tao Yin: regaining a Youthful Body (2Cds)

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Price: THB1,295.00

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Tao Yin exercises help your internal life force or Chi, to circulate more freely, for the purpose of refreshing, attuning, adjusting and regenerating your personal energy. All the Tao Yin movements are based on ancient spiritual development. Through the gradual process of Taoist Chi cultivation, the physical energy of the body is transformed into spiritual energy.

Tao Yin contains a wide variety of movements from many systems. An important aspect of Tao Yin is that it has alternating phases of activity and relaxation. During the relaxation phase you will learn to feel and gently guide the Chi flow to specific areas of your body. You will learn to absorb the nutrition from the air and the surrounding energy so you can open each cell to the fresh vitality of the universal force. This practice will help you relieve any energy stagnation.

Detail I

A) Psoas Muscles Activated
B) Full Body Breathing
C) Monkey Prays with Elbows
D) Monkey Flaps Legs

Detail II

A) Mountain Rises from Sea
B) Cricket Rests on Flower

Detail III

A) Dolphin Lifts Tail
B) Flying in Dreams
C) Finally Touch the Ground
D) Final Raised Love Cobra

Detail IV

A) Peacock Looks at Its Tail
B) Stretch the Bow
C) Monkey Rotates Spine to Leg Out

Detail V

A) Dragon Stretches Tail
B) Pull Bow and Shoot The Arrow

Running Time 1 hour 41 minutes

1. Universal Tao Introduction (07:00)

2. Tao Yin Introduction (05:09)

3. Exercise Part I (17:55)

4. Exercise Part II (05:28)

5. Exercise Part III (04:19)

6. Exercise Part IV (20:52)

7. Exercise Part V (24:55)

8. The Practice (16:23)

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